RetroGraphicsEngine is a pure canvas‑based graphics engine for AndroidTM. Easy to setup. Easy to use. Fun to play.

Version Notice

This is the documentation for Version 0.9.5-beta1 of the engine


Welcome to the documentation of the Retro Graphics Engine API! This is for canvas lovers. The engine provides you an easy start for canvas manipulation and integrates nicely in existing layouts and apps. A pure API to create graphics, animations and even small games with AndroidTM.

A canvas is the simplest way to create graphics in Java, and thus, within AndroidTM. This higher level interface for drawing graphics on a canvas allows you to make fast progress. The purpose of this engine is to create an easy to use interface for drawing on Java canvas surfaces. A clear interface that your custom classes can extend, achieving results very quickly and at the same time having fun in programming.

This documentation will show you how you get started very quickly and how to accomplish various tasks related to graphics programming or game development. Please have a quick look into the "Hello, World!" example, Tutorial section, or on some Advanced Effects.


  • Render sprites and basic shapes
  • Animate sprites (Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Alpha, Color)
  • Use sprite sheets for animations
  • Add logic to sprites
  • Timed animations: realize animations programmatically
  • Background layers (parallax, static, scrollable)
  • Basic collision detection
  • Applicable in every layout of an activity
  • Many helper functions (bitmap loading, math utility classes, ...)


You can download the demo app to see some examples in Google Play Store. There you can click through some samples to see what to expect! The source code can be found in this GitHub Repository.

Apps using the Engine